About Us


La boîte à pitons is a young Montreal-based company that designs, develops and markets interactive digital experiences that entertain and enrich young audiences, their parents and their teachers.

By “interactive experiences,” we mean any project with a digital component that directly engages users in one way or another – things like mobile apps, interactive installations, connected objects and augmented reality. The sky’s the limit!

No matter what the format, topic or medium, our core philosophy remains the same: we give children tools that foster discovery, spark creativity and stimulate growth – and provide them ample opportunity to laugh and dream.


La boîte à pitons is a team of three professionals specializing in children’s content, education and digital communication. Véronique Fontaine is a respected musician and publisher of children’s literature. Christian Lebel is a technology executive with more than 15 years of experience. And Prune Lieutier is a digital professional who doubles as an educational researcher. All three share an overriding commitment to create unique content and experiences that are distinctively compelling and charmingly quirky.

We also call in outside consultants and professionals to work on a variety of projects as needed, among them artists, educators, researchers and publishing/distribution professionals.


La boîte à pitons is supported by Fondation Montréal inc.