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Interactive books that surprise and delight!

What we do
  • Content scripting
  • Interactive design
  • Interactive development
  • Animation
Awards we’ve won
  • Mitacs & NRC-IRAP Award
  • NUMIX Award - Convergence Production - Youth, entertainment and medias
  • Research Prize of the National Research Council Canada
  • Grand prix Boomerang 2016: Website or App - fiction, diversity (ou variety), humor, and youth
  • Grand prix Artisan 2016: Fonfon Interactive - Jannick Lachapelle, Caroline Allard and Benoit Dutrizac
Our specialty

Apps for young readers The Fonfon collection of entertaining and engaging made-in-Quebec books for children is created, produced and distributed by a group of people who are passionate about their craft. Fonfon expanded its lineup in February 2016 to include spellbinding, surprise-filled mobile applications that whisk readers away to a world of peculiar pirates, animated animals and a very brave little boy.

Ergonomically designed to meet the specific needs of young users, Fonfon apps are oodles of fun for the whole family, with no pesky time limits to worry about.

3 experiences,
1 shared structure

Made for children ages 3 to 8, these apps offer enriched versions of popular Fonfon picture books and a creation platform that allows young users to dream up their own stories. The experiences have been designed and developed using a shared structure to make it easy to switch from one app to another and to add new stories later on.

Interactive enriched format

The story mode features music, sound effects, pre-recorded narration and interactive elements that trigger various sounds and animated content.

Pre-recorded narration

The narration tool enables children to explore the story and read along with a pre-recorded narration track, which can also be disabled if they prefer to peruse the book at their own pace.

Treasure chest

Throughout the story, children are prompted to place various items and characters in their personal treasure chest for subsequent use in the creation platform.

Integrated mini-games

There are several fun mini-games in each story for young readers to enjoy.

Creation platform

This mode allows children to take over the authorship reins using written content and visuals from the book.

Infinite possibilities

A wide range of scenic elements, characters and objects is available in a visual databank, based on the original illustrations used in the book.

Voice recording

A recording tool is provided so children can create their own narration track.

Added text

A text box lets users come up with their own tall tales.


Once their new book is ready, children can choose a cover and create their own title. The application can hold as many as five 10-page stories they can read – and reread – as often as they like.

Note for teachers

Fonfon interactive apps have been developed in collaboration with educational researchers from the Université du Québec à Montréal with the goal of teaching multimodal media literacy, fostering decoding skills and giving children the tools to produce messages using a mix of written and visual content, sound and body language. They are teacher-tested and adapted for ease of use on interactive whiteboards.

In November 2015, Fonfon apps received the Mitacs & National Research Council-Industrial Research Assistance Program Award for Commercialization.

A multidisciplinary team

For each production, a team of illustrators, authors, musicians, actors, designers, developers, animators and educators pored over every detail to ensure the resulting experience was unique, creative and compelling.

Results and statistics

  • 45talented contributors

  • 12different poop animations

  • !giggles and guffaws